Hi! I’m Marketa, the stranger behind Wholesome Children and a busy mom of 8 (or 2, but it feels like 8) who is obsessively passionate about making this world a better place.

When I’m not saving the world and our house is quiet, you can find me here, chasing after my thoughts and chattering into the void of virtual reality (because life just wasn’t busy enough).

As a parent I have good days, great days, and days I’m counting down the minutes till bedtime through gritted teeth. It all depends on how many Mom–Mommy–Mooooom–Mama–Mooooooooommmmm I’ve heard in the past 10 minutes and is relative to how much coffee I’ve had a chance to not drink on any given day.

Wholesome ChildrenI’m a rigid perfectionist, but the whole Super Mom cape was never really my thing. (OK that might be a lie. I might have tried before I failed. I mean in reality it was a mind-numbing, eye-opening epic fail that’s not quite over just yet.)

I love red wine, good coffee, and dark chocolate equally.

So far so good, right? Totally normal.

Brace yourself…

I watch what the family eats, I feel deeply connected to nature, I’m a vegetarian 97.99% of the time, a pile of cloth diapers gets me excited, I’m convinced children belong outside (to play…don’t pick up the phone just yet), our kids live their little lives not knowing what a Happy Meal is, I grow things and I compost, I homeschool and love it, I think co-sleeping rocks, I nursed my children so long they could ask for it in full sentences, I grew apart from much of what the allopathic medicine had to offer because we just weren’t a good match, and I’m convinced the world might have ended during my early years of motherhood if I hadn’t had 1) breast milk, 2) Ergo carrier, and 3) coconut oil.

Yeah. I’m that kind of mom. If your eyes have started rolling, now would be a good time to run… I really hope you stay though! 

I read between the lines, I don’t fit into a box in this world of standardized proportions, and I’m finding happiness in treading my own meaningful path.

I want a bigger, brighter, better future for our children!

For all of us! We’re all children of this Planet… (Or Flat Earth. Whatever floats your canoe.) 

So here I am, hoping to help others live healthier and happier lives as well!!!

You’ll find all kinds of PERSONAL and PARENTING wins, fails, aha moments and advice on this blog, tried-and-true tips on how to KEEP YOUR KIDS HEALTHY AND WELL, and practical pointers on SAVING MONEY AND GREEN LIVING.

If you’re an outdoorsy person/family, make sure to read the TRAVEL section for inspiration and trip planning!

You have the option to follow us on our HOMESCHOOLING journey as well, but I have to give you a heads-up: we’re not following any curriculum, structures, or schedules, so don’t expect any sort of order or normalcy there.

Also, consider yourselves warned: English is my second language, read at your own risk.

Thanks for visiting, and I hope you stick around since you’ve managed to read this far!

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PS: Find the answer to why I started to blog in the first place here. 😉

Wholesome Children family in its entirety... :)

Wholesome Children family in its entirety… 🙂