About This Homeschool Thing…


So… It’s been a while since I started writing this blog and, in all honesty, while I’m all gung-ho about homeschooling in general, I have a hard time figuring out what to write about in the ‘homeschooling’ category besides the ups and downs I’ve shared so far. 

Is it gonna live???

I feel like anything important and shareworthy homeschool-wise has been said a million times over on the internet.

There are so many helpful homeschool blogs out there and a whole lineup of perfectly organized, fully prepared, 100% on-top-of-everything homeschool moms that are willing to share their ideas, printables, lesson plans and science project ideas and whatnot.

And then there is me.

Just me.

Long-term happily clueless, 4 years into homeschooling to be exact.

Not following any specific homeschool philosophy or a model, not a single curriculum on any of our shelves.

Not a full-fledged unschooler either.

Wait for it…

Not even a friend of Jesus. 


It’s true, our homeschool style is anything but pious and our lives everything but faith-centered.

about-this-homeschool-thingI mean… What do I have to give?!

At the very least, I could do regular update posts on our magically inspirational and transformational homeschool journey to keep this blog category alive.

But the truth is, it’s not that magical. Honestly.

Still, our kids are thriving.

Maybe I’m not doing it all wrong?

The truth is, I’m often asked questions about the most mundane things like:

  • “What is your homeschool day like?”
  • “How do your kids learn without using textbooks?”
  • “What do you mean your child learned to read on her own?!”
  • “Your kids are so nice to each other (you know…on those rare occasions…) – what’s your secret???
  • “Sooo… What are homeschool groups like? Tell me all the secrets.”
  • “How do you keep your kids entertained all day long?!”

Things like that.

Things I no longer second-guess.

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They’re just an undefined reality that happens to happen.

Clearly, people are curious, and they’re not always interested in the academic aspect of homeschooling.

So I guess what I’m trying to say is I’m not giving up on the homeschool category just yet. If you want to hang around, your company is much appreciated, homeschooler or not.

Expect nothing but honesty, but very little around-the-kitchen-table learning experience. 


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