Unsocialized Homeschooler’s Best Friend


When you homeschool, you’re going to be asked questions. It’s inevitable.

Even though home education is becoming much more common these days, there will likely be moments where you’re tossed, turned, and judged unless you live in complete solitude. (Of which you’ll be accused anyway.)

It does get easier though, and you’ll eventually find yourself strangely comfortable in the line of fire whether you choose to engage in a conversation or not.

Your homeschooled kids are also going to be questioned because you obviously can’t be trusted.

“Wouldn’t you rather be in school?” “What’s 8×7?” “Do you get to play with kids your age?” “What’s the diameter of Earth?” “Do you really like being homeschooled?”

All because the combination of looking happy and being homeschooled is confusing to some people.

This question was new though.

I’ve never heard it before.

A friend of mine that we ran into the other day leaned over to my 7-year-old, and with an eagle-eyed look she asked, “Do you even have a best friend?”


It wasn’t a snarky remark.

This was a genuine question.

I think.

A best friend???

I guess it must be a thing these days… Does Tommy eat vegetables??? Is he getting enough sleep??? Does he have a best friend???

“Well, if the voices in her head count, then YES, she has several…?” I muttered out almost immediately.

At least in my head I did.

I’m used to making homeschool jokes. I’m the parents that smiles and says, “Yup, we homeschool!” when my child gives the wrong answer to an impromptu streetside math quiz given by someone that’s supposed to be my friend.


A best friend???

I mean, she has a pen pal that she met on a road trip…  The girls can’t wait to see each other again and my daughter regularly stalks our mailman… Should I throw that out there?

But this question wasn’t mine to answer.

My 7-year-old is a complete opposite of me and very social. She likes to be around kids. She doesn’t have a whole classroom-full of friends, but she has friends.

There just never seemed to have been any sort of hierarchy to her friends’ names, and now that it was pointed out, I actually had no problem with that.

First and foremost, I’d like for my kids to be each other’s best friend. And even though they have been occasionally seen acting like a troop of angry baboons, they do form a fairly cohesive unit with a pretty stable core.

Friends come and go, family is for a lifetime, yadda yadda yadda… Should I say that out loud?

Judging by her facial expression, my daughter was clearly thinking about this. Looking up to the bright fall foliage in the crowns of the trees above, she paused for a while and replied, “I do. Her name is Sara.” (And then she started giving names of all of her other friends.)


Crisis averted.

I think we passed. Though – for the record – said first best friend is also homeschooled, so I’m not sure if this particular BFF-ship is getting a legitimate stamp of mainstream approval.

But, that is not my battle to fight.

I’ve noticed that some of our friends have accepted and some even flat out support our decision to homeschool. And some friends accepted it but have been secretly waiting for the other shoe to drop. For over two years now.

Until we meet again…?


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