Yes, We Homeschool… (And Not Everyone Is Happy.)


My FAMILY and the IN-LAWS tend to think we spend our days sitting at the table with the blinds SHUT.

The kids are screaming with sheer panic as a stray sun ray makes it through a crack in the blinds and lands on their pale, virtually sun-unkissed skin.

These kids tremble and hide when they hear a knock on the door. 

They freeze at the sight of our neighbors’ kids. Or any other kids. Or just people.

Because, you know, we homeschool.

And it’s not exactly OK.

The only TEACHER on our block probably thinks we’re destroying our children’s lives. (Or so I’ve been told in the nicest way possible.)

It’s common knowledge that children can’t learn new skills unless they’re confined to a brick-and-mortar building with a “SCHOOL” sign.

They KEY to LIFE. 

If there were no schools or teachers, we wouldn’t know how to write a letter, read a book, calculate a tip, or stand in line.

Many PEOPLE we know think we’re crazy (or flat out weirdos) for choosing to homeschool. We’re clearly depriving our kids of proper childhood and all the things schoolwise they regularly complain about. 

But the thing is…

We just don’t care what other people think.

Yes, we homeschool. And you know what? Homeschooling rocks!

I guess you can say that I’m a big fan of homeschooling.

But even I don’t think that homeschooling is necessarily the best option for every single family out there. Neither is it a sure way to guarantee happiness and/or success.

For us it seems to be working though.  At least for right now…???



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