Halloween Clown Ban 2016 – What To Dress Up As?


It’s official now. We’re facing a significantly limited supply of red noses this Halloween despite the soaring sales of clown masks and costumes.

Thanks to the recent creepy clown epidemic that has swept across the country, CLOWN BANS have been implemented in several towns, counties, school districts, and seasonal festivals this Halloween. 

Some residents of clown-friendly neighborhoods are being proactive and plan on putting NO-CLOWN SIGNS on their property in order to deter murderers from invading their front porches on All Hallows Eve.

Certain retailers, such as Target, have gone as far as pulling all clown costumes off their shelves after they successfully sold most of their clown-related merchandise.

Several school districts have decided to ban signs of Halloween altogether, but many educational institutions nationwide still allow their students to step out of character on this day. Some costumes can be offensive though by perpetuating racial, cultural, religious, and gender stereotypes, so students are reminded to choose carefully before dressing up and entering Halloween venues this year.

What to dress up as in times of Halloween bans?

In order to help students navigate through good Halloween ethics, one Canadian university brainstormed and declared which costumes are too offensive and NOT TO BE WORN this Halloween. 

The list of banned Halloween costumes is comprehensive and includes:

  • Sacred and ceremonial dresses such as Japanese Geishas or Thobes;
  • Traditional or religious head dresses and accents including but not limited to: feathered war bonnets; African head ties; a hijab, a niqab or a burqa; turbans or a bindi;
  • Day of the Dead make-up;
  • Black face and full body black face;
  • Anything containing the Confederate flag in any form;
  • Attires that make fun of suicide or rape;
  • A Caitlyn Jenner costume.

The good news is that despite the forced agenda of embracing diversity and keeping everyone safe, there are still plenty of unprotected groups to dress up as AND creepy clowns are probably a fair game here. I guess until the real creepy clowns start feeling threatened…

In the midst of an active ongoing indoctrination, primary and secondary schools all over the country have stepped up their game of coddling the children’s minds as well. 

As a result, these costumes may not be allowed at your child’s school Halloween parade:

  • Jesus Christ;
  • Geishas or squaws;
  • Cowboys and Native Americans;
  • Accessories resembling weapons or sharp objects;
  • Sombreros and ponchos;
  • Anything to do with cross-dressing;
  • Gangsters;
  • Hookers;
  • Any symbols of terror, including CLOWNS. (Not sure where that leaves Ronald McDonald…?)

In times of ever increasing political correctness and somewhere underneath the noticeable push for a standardized world, there is no room for a Halloween attire error. The days of costume abuse have caught up with us, and the witch hunt for anything reinforcing harmful stereotypes around gender, culture, background, heritage, religion, mental health, or an opinion has taken over our lives.

So if you were thinking about going as a Syrian refugee child with a beard this year – DON’T. Go as Hillary Clinton and get away with anything.

Have fun, and watch out for CLOWNS this Halloween!!!!!


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