How It All Happened…


I’ve always LOVED creative arts. Writing especially. What better form of self-expression than writing? And rewriting? Only having to rewrite it all again because it’s still not good enough? (It probably never will be. I had to rewrite the first, second, third, and fourth sentence several times. Moving on!) The prospect of writing makes me all giggly. A little weird?


Looking back, I wonder if people on the receiving end of my emails were getting overwhelmed with my constant need to tell them stuff. In detail. Often. And if that was one of the reasons they gently suggested to try new things. Like… Perhaps… Creating a blog?!

I’ve always imagined I’d do that…one day. Probably in a very distant future. Possibly no sooner than in one of my future lifetimes. Likely in my imagination. Because… A blog?!?

Truth be told, I couldn’t get it out of my head.

But I didn’t even try?!

Apparently, YouTube is intuitive these days, and when I saw a suggestion for “Yellowstone is going to blow – NOW – This time for real! Seriously!! OMG!!!” it finally hit me. I panicked a little. I panicked a lot! We didn’t have enough food, or water. Or useful household items. AND my laptop will die. AND the internet will collapse. AND I won’t get to share my thoughts wisdom with the world.

I will never cure myself! I will never get to help others!

So, it was only logical that WHOLESOME CHILDREN was born.

Dear Magnificent Yellowstone… I fell in love with your soul and raw beauty the first time we met. I hiked on your rugged back trails (OK, just trails) whilst gently stroking the blades of your grass and listening to the streams whisper to me. I was honored to exchange a silent moment with your friend owl while playing hide-and-DON’T-seek with a group of bison I encountered on a narrow path. (Alright, I wasn’t the silent one.) I embraced your hydrogen sulfite gas with grace. Oh who am I kidding. I was thankful for your putrid smell! I was 4 months pregnant and I could use the excuse. You ARE a true gem. Please hold on with all your might…?



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