My Experience With Using Badger Sunscreen For Diaper Rash


So here’s the deal: I don’t remember using diaper cream on my kids. Ever.

Years ago when I was pregnant with my first child, I wasn’t taking any chances and bought all baby supplies well ahead of time, including diaper cream.

I didn’t bother to read the lists of ingredients because:

  • Lists of what?!
  • It’s common knowledge that all baby products follow strict protocols and undergo rigorous safety testing. Duh!

In my defense, this happened years ago when the internet was just starting to buzz with all kinds of health news and warnings. Think cave people and wooly mammoths in terms of information wealth. 2009, to be exact.

Blatantly oblivious to the reality, I stocked up with enough Desitin and Balmex tubes and jars to last me a lifetime of fertility. Because that’s what every other mom did, pretty much.

Needless to say, all of them eventually ended up in the trash. Unopened.

First of all, for the longest time there was no need to use diaper cream. It could have been that we were using cloth diapers, but maybe we were just lucky.

Secondly, the Mama Bear woke up and decided to question everything on planet Earth and beyond that was going to be used ON or NEAR my precious new little cub. To make the story short, Desitin and Balmex didn’t make the cut and ended up being chucked.

Well, guess what happens when you get rid of ALL diaper cream in the house.

That’s right.

Diaper rash.

A MAJOR diaper rash!

Obviously, I had to find diaper cream, PRONTO. Preferably something other than Desitin or Balmex.

So I did a quick research. And then I realized…


Wait a minute. I have zinc oxide. In our BADGER sunscreen!

(My favorite sunscreen, BTW.)

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Well, did it help?

Yes – Using Badger sunscreen for diaper rash worked PERFECTLY!

It worked so well that within the next diaper change there was a huge difference, and the rash quickly disappeared.

And it didn’t work just for me!

I recommended Badger sunscreen to a few friends whose kids had persistent diaper (and other) rashes that weren’t responding to anything, including prescription-strength creams. I mean hey, if it doesn’t work, at least you still have great sunscreen to use, right?

But it worked for them as well.

So from then on, I never bothered with buying diaper cream. I’m a minimalist at heart anyway. If I can squeeze more use out of one tube, do count me in!

I did turn to Badger sunscreen several more times with the same great results. (It’s a good thing I always have plenty on hand.)

using-badger-sunscreen-for-diaper-rashThis is my experience with using Badger sunscreen for diaper rash.

If works, so if you happen to have Badger sunscreen at home and run into a diaper rash, do give it a try.

Be it diaper cream or sunscreen, zinc oxide is excellent for treating diaper rash. It creates a barrier to keep moisture out, it’s anti-inflammatory and promotes wound healing.

If you have a zinc oxide sunscreen at home other than Badger, you’ll want to skim the ingredient list to make sure no fishy ingredients are present in the formula.

Now, do you wonder if it works the other way?

What if you find yourself outside with your kids and your new baby on a summer afternoon and you realize – gasp – you have left the sunscreen at home! But you DO have that zinc oxide diaper cream in your purse. (Hint hint.)

Can you smear the diaper cream all over your kids’ faces?

Find the answer here.

Just so we’re clear: Badger is not compensating me in any way. I have tried other sunscreens in the past but always went back to Badger and haven’t looked for another brand of sunscreen for years now. I guess I’m a true fan, huh?


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