Best Non-Toxic Diapers For Babies And Kids – 2018/19


Chances are you know WHY you’re looking for some of the best non-toxic diapers on the market. The safest disposable diapers don’t contain various harmful chemicals that diapers can simply be made without, right? Then there is cloth, obviously, but cloth diapers aren’t for everyone.

If you’re not quite sure about some of the chemicals disposable diapers may contain – like phthalates, dioxins, tributyltin (TBT), volatile organic compounds (VOCs), sodium polyacrylate, or those contained in the fragrances, lotions, or dyes of disposable diapers – you can read about toxic and non-toxic chemicals in disposable diapers right here

Before we get to any particular diaper brands, here is what to look for in a safe non-toxic disposable diaper:

The safest disposable diapers are:


The less, the better. Plain and simple.

Some diaper brands go above and beyond though!

Ready to find out which disposable diaper brands make it to the top of the list of best non-toxic diapers?

Best non-toxic diapers 2018/2019

Going from the best natural disposable diapers to diapers that don’t appear to be as safe, in no particular order in sub-categories.

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— THE GREENEST DIAPERS – The very best non-toxic diapers!!!

The following disposable diapers are scoring at the very top on this list of the best non-toxic diapers because they’re not only perfectly safe to use, they’re also environmentally friendly – made with mostly or exclusively bio-based ingredients!

Tell me that’s not awesome!?!

ANDY PANDY Baby Diapers

✔️ CHLORINE-FREE (100% chlorine-free)

ANDY PANDY diapers are also FREE OF phthalates, latex, PVC, TBT, alcohol, and preservatives.

Made from bamboo, ANDY PANDY diapers are naturally soft, hypoallergenic and antibacterial, and feature moisture- and thermal-regulating capabilities.

ANDY PANDY diapers have 100% bamboo fiber topsheet and backsheet. The core contains fluff pulp and a small amount of sodium polyacrylate (SAP). Pure aloe essence is added to ANDY PANDY diapers (which is anti-bacterial, soothing, and nourishing to the skin).

If you need to refresh what topsheet, backsheet, or core means, take a quick look at the same post linked at the top / • GLUE.

ANDY PANDY diapers are about 86.5% biodegradable (less the Velcro tabs and SAP).

Coupled with overwhelmingly positive reviews, ANDY PANDY earns their spot on the list of the safest and best non-toxic diapers on the market today.

What do CUSTOMERS say about ANDY PANDY diapers? 

+ Simple design
+ Super soft
+ Very absorbent
+ Durable

Diapers seem to run large

LITTLE TOES Baby Diapers

✔️ CHLORINE-FREE (100% chlorine-free)

LITTLE TOES diapers are also FREE OF latex, alcohol, PVC, TBT, phthalates, and preservatives.

LITTLE TOES diapers are made with inherently soft bamboo fibers and have 100% bamboo topsheet and backsheet. These diapers are super absorbent, naturally hypoallergenic, and moisture- and thermal-regulating.


The core of LITTLE TOES diapers contains fluff pulp, and environmentally sustainable superabsorbers.

LITTLE TOES diapers are 100% biodegradable, making them not only one of the safest disposable diapers out there but also the most natural disposable diapers on this list!

What do CUSTOMERS say about LITTLE TOES diapers?

+ Super soft
+ Great for sensitive skin

May start falling apart with heavy saturation
Velcro tabs could be a bit more durable

BABIE B Baby Diapers

✔️ CHLORINE-FREE (100% chlorine-free)

BABIE B diapers are also FREE OF GMOS, pesticides, latex, phthalates, optical brighteners, and TBT.

These are also bamboo diapers (FSC & OEKO-TEX certified) – super soft and breathable and made with a rash-reducing, moisture-wicking bamboo liner.

The core of BABIE B diapers contains bamboo pulp and a natural super-absorbent polymer.

BABIE B diapers are about 93% biodegradable (less the Velcro tabs).

If you’re looking for natural non-toxic diapers, BABIE B is another excellent choice!

NOTE: UNFORTUNATELY, as some of my readers notified me, BABIE B diapers are being discontinued. It’s a shame to see such a good product go, stock up while you can is all I can say. These are really great diapers!

What do CUSTOMERS say about BABIE B diapers? 

+ Excellent absorption and moisture-wicking
+ Silky-soft
+ Sturdy
+ Simplicity of their design unique
+ Phenomenal customer service

Side tabs could improve (not stretchy enough)


Then there are BROODY CHICK diapers which would technically land in the safest zone since they are FULLY biodegradable.


I wonder if BROODY CHICK has gone/is going out of business. Their website has been down for quite a while now, their FB page isn’t showing any signs of life either… (Will update if that’s not the case.)

Moving on…

THE GREEN-ISH DIAPERS – ALSO some of the best non-toxic diapers!!!

Don’t get me wrong. The following disposable diapers are still some of the safest disposable diapers sold these days.

The only reason they didn’t make it to the BEST of the BEST category is because:

  1. These diapers implement certain unsustainable features (being produced with both bio- AND petroleum-based materials); OR
  2. They are produced with petroleum-based materials BUT are thoroughly tested for harmful substances that disposable diapers are known to contain.

Yes – the following disposable diapers will put a higher burden on the environment than the very best non-toxic diapers mentioned above.

However, they’ll still offer you a peace of mind when it comes to your child’s health. And that’s important, too.


✔️ CHLORINE-FREE (no chlorine used)

BAMBO NATURE diapers are FREE OF all known allergens and harmful substances like phthalates, PVC, TBT, heavy metals, formaldehyde, parabens, or odor inhibitors. No chemical compounds that are locally irritating or sensitizing are used in BAMBO NATURE diapers.

The inner and outer liners of BAMBO NATURE diapers are made with polyethylene and/or polypropylene. The absorbent core of BAMBO DIAPERS contains fluff pulp from sustainable sources (FSC certified) and traditional sodium polyacrylate beads (SAP).

This company is pretty serious about their environmental footprint and has been awarded the coveted Nordic Swan Eco-Label accreditation as well as the Danish Asthma/Allergy certification. Go Bambo!!!

What do CUSTOMERS say about BAMBO NATURE diapers? 

+ Super absorbent
+ Soft and leaves no marks

A little on the big side
Beware of blow-outs


✔️ CHLORINE-FREE (totally chlorine-free – TCF)

In addition, NATY diapers are FREE OF latex, TBT, phthalates, and VOCs.

The outer liner and the inner distribution center of NATY diapers are made with bio-based materials (non-GMO) which makes the diapers naturally breathable.

The core of NATY diapers contains fluff pulp (FSC certified), and traditional sodium polyacrylate (SAP).


NATY diapers are 2-star OK Biobased certified (between 40-60% of ingredients are bio-based), FSC certified (using sustainably sourced materials), EcoCert certified (containing at least 50% of plant-based ingredients with a minimum of 5% by weight coming from organic farming), and are recommended by the Swedish Asthma and Allergy Association.

What do CUSTOMERS say about NATY diapers? 

+ Absorbent
+ No chemical smell
+ Simple patterns

Not sturdy enough (might be a quality control issue)

PARASOL Baby Diapers


PARASOL diapers are also FREE OF parabens, latex, phthalates, alcohol, and heavy metals.

They’re printed with safe inks, and have a breathable back sheet and a luxuriously soft top sheet. I think they’re also super cute. 

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PARASOL diapers are made with fluff pulp sourced from sustainably managed forests (FSC certified). The company has earned the Nordic Swan Eco Label.

PARASOL diapers are yet another contender to consider if you’re looking for some of the safest disposable diapers out there!

What do CUSTOMERS say about PARASOL baby diapers? 

+ Soft
+ Absorbent

Super cute but not enough designs

THE HONEST CO. Baby Diapers

✔️ CHLORINE-FREE (no chlorine bleaching)

HONEST diapers are also FREE OF latex.

In the summer of 2018, the HONEST diapers have been revamped.

The INNER / OUTER liners used to be made with plant-based plastic (PLA), but now only the OUTER liner is made with PLA. The inner liner contains polyethylene and polypropylene.

Another change is that the single-layer of the inner liner was replaced with a multi-layered softer layer.

Besides wood pulp, the absorbent core of HONEST diapers consists of a sodium polyacrylate (SAP) blend containing renewable materials, and naturally derived odor inhibitors from citrus and chlorophyll.

FYI: You can get a free trial at THE HONEST CO.’s website (with a small shipping/handling fee). Don’t forget to CANCEL within 7 DAYS if you’re NOT going to be using HONEST products according to the trial, since the trial is essentially a monthly SUBSCRIPTION that seems to be difficult to cancel, according to many customers.

What do CUSTOMERS say about THE HONEST CO. diapers? 

+ Absorbency OK as long as you size up correctly
+ Cute

Not the softest diapers / Stiff
Sizing inconsistent between different prints

best-non-toxic-diapersEARTH’S BEST Baby Diapers

✔️ CHLORINE-FREE (no chlorine used)

EARTH’S BEST diapers are also FREE OF latex, and heavy metals.

The core of EARTH’S BEST diapers contains wood pulp, and a blend of traditional petroleum-based SAP as well as bio-based super-absorbent polymers (made from corn and wheat – GMO status not guaranteed as of right now).

The inner and outer liners of EARTH’S BEST diapers are made with corn-based PLA (bio-based plastic).

What do CUSTOMERS say about EARTH’S BEST diapers? 

+ Absorbency OK
+ No smell

Stiff / Rough
Diapers run on the small side

Then there are…

— THE OK DIAPERS – Non-Toxic Diapers That Aren’t All That Earth-Friendly 

Or, they probably aren’t…

The following disposable diapers fulfill the 4 basic requirements of no dyes, fragrances, lotions, or chlorine, but:

  1. They’re made predominantly or exclusively with unsustainable petroleum-based materials; OR
  2. Brands aren’t disclosing much about these diapers.

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✔️ CHLORINE-FREE (totally chlorine free – TCF)

BABYGANICS diapers are also FREE OF latex.

BABYGANICS diapers are made with petroleum-based plastic, and the core contains a blend of plant-based superabsorbers and traditional sodium polyacrylate (SAP).

The topsheet of BABYGANICS diapers is sprayed with NeoNourish complex of cold-pressed seed oils (tomato, sunflower, cranberry, black cumin, and raspberry).

BABYGANICS diapers are plain white with a colored strip up the front (on the waistband), in case you’re interested.

What do CUSTOMERS say about BABYGANICS baby diapers? 

+ Don’t show patterns through clothes
+ Absorbent

Run small
Some orders have issues with tab closures


✔️ CHLORINE-FREE (0% chlorine bleaching)

PAMPERS PURE diapers are also FREE OF parabens, latex, and EU 26 allergens. (PAMPERS doesn’t specify which allergens these are, but I’m assuming they’re talking about these culprits which are mostly fragrance ingredients, anyway…? If that’s the case, there are bigger fish to fry.)

The OUTER liner of PAMPERS PURE diapers is made with premium cotton as well as polypropylene, polyethylene, and polyester fibers. That’s the part on the outside of the diaper.

The INNER lining of PAMPERS PURE diapers does NOT contain cotton. It’s made with a blend of petroleum- and plant-based fibers.

The absorbent core of PAMPERS PURE diapers consists of sustainably sourced fluff pulp, traditional sodium polyacrylate (SAP), and petroleum-based odor absorber.

PAMPERS PURE implements plant-based fibers in the topsheet (which is awesome!) but uses a significant amount of crude oil by-products overall which puts these diapers pretty far from being environmentally friendly.

I personally think PAMPERS PURE appears to be greener than it really is, but it IS a step up from the rest of the Pampers diaper line.

And, these diapers are pretty cute, I’ll give them that.

What do CUSTOMERS say about PAMPERS PURE diapers?

+ Soft
+ Absorbent
+ No smell

Defective diapers (tabs) currently in circulation (Nov 2018)
Lining sometimes sticks to skin when wet, causing rash and irritation


✔️ CHLORINE-FREE (no chlorine bleaching)

CUTIES diapers are also FREE OF latex.

CUTIES diapers are made with safe inks (no heavy metals), and feature a breathable outer cover, super soft cotton-enhanced dryness layer (no word on GMOs), and are made with sustainably sourced fluff (SFI certified).

These diapers are made in a zero-waste-to-landfill facility.

No word on what type of plastic is used in the top- and backsheet, or which superabsorbers are found in the absorbent core. Usually, when there is a lack of disclosure, there is a reason for it.

The company hasn’t responded to my questions yet. I will update this section if I hear back from them.

What do CUSTOMERS say about CUTIES diapers? 

+ Soft and quilted
+ Thin but absorbent
+ No weird smells even when wet
+ Great design of closure tabs

Sags when wet

EARTH + EDEN Baby Diapers


EARTH + EDEN diapers are also FREE OF latex.

EARTH + EDEN diapers feature a breathable outer cover and a cotton-enhanced dryness layer.

These diapers are made with sustainably sourced fluff (SFI certified), and are printed with non-toxic water-based inks. They contain traditional sodium polyacrylate (SAP), and polyethylene/polypropylene.

If you feel like the description of EARTH + EDEN diapers sounds pretty similar to the Cuties diapers listed above, you’re not alone…

In addition, EARTH + EDEN diapers happen to be manufactured by First Quality which also makes Cuties diapers.

Is it the same diaper? Similar but not identical? I’m not sure…

What do CUSTOMERS say about EARTH + EDEN baby diapers? 

+ Soft
+ Reasonably priced
+ Thin design

+/- Split absorbency ratings – great/good vs. terrible

Not be the best overnight diaper (leaks)
Sags when not too wet


✔️ CHLORINE-FREE (no chlorine bleaching)

SEVENTH GENERATION diapers are also FREE OF parabens.

SEVENTH GENERATION diapers are super absorbent, hypoallergenic, and made with sustainably sourced wood pulp (FSC certified). Diapers contain petroleum-based SAP and plastic.

Sizes newborn, 1, and 2 feature a quilted layer made with soft unbleached cotton.

SEVENTH GENERATION offers printed diapers (I actually like the nature theme, it’s kind of unique), as well as plain diapers (see image links to both above).

What I do like about SEVENTH GENERATION is that even though these diapers aren’t very eco-friendly, this company is fairly transparent on their website about what their diapers contain.

What do CUSTOMERS say about SEVENTH GENERATION baby diapers? 

+ Soft (sizes Newborn, 1, and 2)
+ Cute

Sizes 3 and up not as soft
Issues with leaks

MAMA BEAR Baby Diapers (Amazon brand)

✔️ CHLORINE-FREE (100% chlorine free)

MAMA BEAR diapers are Amazon private label premium brand of diapers designed to compete with other more expensive diapers out there.

There isn’t a ton of disclosure about MAMA BEAR diapers, unfortunately.


Amazon isn’t great at responding to customers’ questions either which is evident on MAMA BEAR diapers sales page. Which kinda bugs me because in my opinion, it doesn’t leave a good impression on potential buyers.

For what it’s worth though, MAMA BEAR diapers seem to have very positive reviews from those that have used them.

What do CUSTOMERS say about MAMA BEAR baby diapers? 

+ Soft
+ Decent absorbency (even with heavy wetters)
+ Cute

Run small
Random diapers in packages rough/with hard chunks (unusable)

And, last but not least….?

Or maybe just the least.


The following brands of diapers are undoubtedly popular, but they aren’t very upfront about the manufacturing process and the finished product.

UP & UP Baby Diapers (Target brand)

  ?  CHLORINE-FREE (non-elemental chlorine bleaching process used)

UP & UP diapers are also FREE OF latex.

The inner liner of UP & UP diapers is enhanced with aloe and vitamin E. I’m assuming that synthetic vitamin E is used which can be contaminated with hydroquinone (see Hidden ingredients – Contaminants).

No other information is available.


?  CHLORINE-FREE (non-elemental chlorine bleaching process used)

PAMPERS SWADDLERS SENSITIVE is a diaper endorsed by many hospitals, so a lot of people will automatically trust the quality and the mission of this company.

PAMPERS diapers are petroleum-based all around (including the lotions added), and they contain perfume fragrance. They’re FREE OF latex.

PAMPERS diapers are rendered chlorine-free based on the bleaching method used but PAMPERS offers no proof of claim.

Unfortunately, there really isn’t much transparency in the PAMPERS business which is obvious in the Q&A section on their website and on the type of information shared.

LUVS Baby Diapers

 ?  CHLORINE-FREE (non-elemental chlorine bleaching process used)

LUVS diapers are basically a cheaper version of Pampers.

LUVS diapers are made by the same manufacturer, and with the same concept.

Much like Pampers, they might be popular, but I’m placing them at the bottom on this list of the safest disposable diapers.

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HUGGIES Baby Diapers

 ?  CHLORINE-FREE (non-elemental chlorine bleaching process used)

HUGGIES diapers are also FREE OF latex, parabens, and EU allergens (probably referring to the same ingredients as Pampers Pure…? – See Pampers Pure further above).

Are HUGGIES diapers non-toxic? What do and don’t they contain and why?

Who knows!?

HUGGIES brand seems to be more focused on Disney prints than the health of babies or the environment.

This concludes the list of the safest and best non-toxic diapers.

I hope this helped you clarify the toxic profile of disposable diapers that are available these days.

Have you found any diapers you’re interested in trying?

Before you go…

Keep in mind that no single disposable diaper is the BEST diaper for ALL kids and babies in diapers in this world.

Parents sometimes have to go through a lot of trial and error before they’re able to find the BEST disposable diapers for THEIR child. Unfortunately.


A lot of research and hours went into this post. Technical descriptions are based on the information I’ve collected, but I’m only a human, a very tired human with 2 very lively children, that is. If you spot any errors, please do let me know.

Any opinions are my own. No brand-influencing or financial shenanigans here.

If you feel inclined to curb toxicity further, find out about more ways to eliminate or reduce harmful toxic chemicals in your baby’s life, and don’t forget to read about the safest baby wipes as well. After all, good health is super important, right?

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  1. Kelly

    What do you think of Abby & Finn diapers??

    1. wholesomechildren (Post author)

      I think this company is doing some things right. They’re using no chlorine, fragrance, lotion or dyes, their diapers are also free of heavy metals and other harmful chemicals. Other than that, Abby & Finn diapers contain traditional SAP (super absorbent polymer) and are made with petroleum-based plastic in the top- and backsheet.

      As for performance, I struggled to find enough reviews and feedback on these diapers. Also, it’s a diaper subscription product which won’t work for some people.

      If you’re interested in trying these diapers, I’d ask Abby & Finn for a trial pack – you only pay shipping and there is no commitment upfront. Hope that helps.

      1. Kelly

        Thank you! Yes I ordered the trial pack just to check them out. My daughter seems to be allergic or something to something in Huggies so we are trying different diapers trying to see what helps her. So far Earth and Eden have been great as well as Earth’s Best and Seventh Generation Overnights! Thank you for all this great info!!!

        1. wholesomechildren (Post author)

          No problem! Diaper reactions are frustrating, but they happen a lot. Glad you’re finding something that works! 🙂

  2. Rachel

    Just opened a new pack of Target up and up brand in size 3 for my baby and found out they now have FRAGRANCE! They state on box they are lotion free but nothing about new added fragrance.

    1. wholesomechildren (Post author)

      Sorry to hear that Rachel! Target has always been fishy with their diapers. I’d give them a call and ask them about that. You can always return diapers, too, if you’re not happy with them. I’d definitely let them know though.

  3. Ann

    I have researched non toxic diapers extensively. I have personally used for my last two children Bambo, Naty, Earth’s Best, Honest Diapers, Simple Truth, Andy Pandy, and even tried cloth diapering. Thank you for the great lists you put together. Two brands I’ve found this year that sell non toxic bamboo diapers are Eco Boom on Amazon and Dyper, which is a flat rate per month bamboo disposable diaper service. I have both brands (they both seem similar), and for my third who was just born, we have signed up and received our first shipment of Dyper (better priced than Eco Boom). The diapers are free of a lot of things (see their website for details), and are SO SO SOFT! The only downside is their smallest size would not fit a newborn well. My newborn was 10 lbs so they actually worked from day 1 for me, but their suggested weight of 6-16 lbs is unrealistic….an average size newborn would be rattling around in them. I have no affiliation with either of these companies, but I wanted you to know so you can add them to your list for the benefit of others looking for non toxic baby diapers, like I was. I had wanted to go with Babie B ones because they were also aloe free, but they discontinued their diapers they told me (I personally prefer an aloe FREE diaper since my second seemed to get a rash from aloe lined diaper).

    1. wholesomechildren (Post author)

      Ann, I will check them out, thanks for the tip!

  4. John Mann

    BabieB discontinued their diaper bamboo line. see their comment in the Q&A on the Amazon listing.

    Hi there, thank you for your support. Unfortunately, we will discontinue selling bamboo diapers. There is no more Medium size at this moment. We recommend to stock up on a larger size until you can.
    I apologize for the inconvenience. Bridget, Babie B
    Feel free to email us

    1. wholesomechildren (Post author)

      Huh, that’s bizarre! I was going back and forth with BabieB on the topic of their diapers just a few weeks ago. I will go ahead and ask them to clarify – thank you for bringing this to my attention John! 🙂

  5. Melanie

    Hey what do you think of the lovies diapers ?

    1. wholesomechildren (Post author)

      Melanie, I’m not familiar with Lovies diapers. Sorry!

  6. Karla Flores

    what do you think about the new Pampers Pure?

    1. wholesomechildren (Post author)

      Karla, I had to turn to Google to see what you’re asking me about. 😉 This post was written before Pampers Pure diapers were launched – which was early this year.

      Here’s what I think:
      – Pampers Pure diapers don’t contain fragrance (thumbs up!). Finally!
      – The cotton addition appears to be exclusive to the outer cover of Pampers Pure, similar to Huggies Pure & Simple.
      – Made without EU 26 allergens relates to fragrance ingredients/allergens, and these diapers are made fragrance free anyway.

      For anyone already using Pampers, this would be a step up if they want a slightly more eco-friendly and safer diaper. Otherwise, there are safer and more eco-friendly diapers out there if that’s the goal.

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