ERGOBABY Accessories – Which One I Got And Why I Skipped The Rest Of Them?


Now that you’ve heard me rave about the ERGOBABY carrier, it’s only fair we talk about the ERGOBABY carrier accessories as well.

There are a few available, and whether you get none, some, or all to use with your Ergobaby carrier is entirely up to you.

Ergobaby sells TEETHING PADS, INFANT INSERTS, and WEATHER COVERS for use with the carrier.

Yay or nay?

Are they worth it?

Or should you skip them?

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ERGOBABY Easy Snug Infant Insert

As per manufacturer’s recommendations, you shouldn’t use the carrier with babies weighing less than 7 lbs (3.2 kg). Babies in the range of 7-12 lbs (3.2 – 5.5 kg) and 0-4 months CAN be worn in the FRONT carry position but REQUIRE the use of infant insert. This also applies for babies younger than 4 months that weigh more than 12 lbs, or older babies without consistent head and neck control.

The infant insert is designed to keep babies comfortable while providing adequate head/neck support. It’s machine washable and can be found in both conventional and organic version:


I debated whether I should get one for my second child since I had the option to start babywearing early on this time around. But given how quickly my babies tend to pack their pounds on in the early weeks, I actually decided to skip it and wait.

And I waited, and waited.

Until one day it was really nice out and I wanted to go for a quick walk but didn’t want to bother with the stroller. I ended up rolling what I would say was a medium-sized towel and placed it underneath my baby, kinda like I would use the infant insert. And it worked perfectly, but she was also very close to the weight limit.

Though this has worked really well, I’m in no way advocating you ignore the manufacturer’s recommendations!!!

ERGOBABY Teething Pads:

These pads are great for teething and drooling babies by giving them something safe to chew on while protecting the carrier’s shoulder straps. It turns out, babies LOVE to chew on the ERGOBABY STRAPS!

The teething pads are machine washable, and you can find them in both conventional and organic versions. Also, a teething pad/bib combo is now made by Ergobaby as well.

I actually ordered the Ergobaby ORGANIC teething pads with the baby carrier, and boy was I glad I did!  They weren’t too expensive and were worth every penny!

First of all, these teething pads are a really good quality. Well made, thick and sturdy. They’re machine washable and don’t stain easily despite the light color. They are soft and will get even softer with each wash. The snaps aren’t too easy to open and are hidden underneath the straps, preventing the baby from reaching them.

I actually kept using these teething pads way past the teething stage for extra cushioning for my kids. (OK, I kept forgetting to remove them. I’m pretty positive they’re still on.)

This is something I HIGHLY recommend you get if you’re going to be wearing a teething baby. The Ergobaby teething pads will be great for your teething baby and will certainly extend the life of your carrier.

ERGOBABY Weather Cover

There are two types of weather covers made by Ergobaby: WINTER WEATHER COVER and RAIN COVER.

Both types of covers have a water resistant shell, and the WINTER WEATHER COVER has an additional layer of fleece to keep baby warm.

It’s a great concept, but I didn’t get the cover. There HAVE been a few times when I needed to protect my babies from the elements of harsh weather. So what did I do?  I used my husband’s jacket instead of mine. You’re right. I’m totally the mom that lowered her standards! Oh well… #Priorities

We have survived without a weather cover just fine, but if you feel like getting one, by all means – go for it! It looks really cozy though I wonder if you still need to use something like a wide blanket to cover the child’s legs…???

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