Ergobaby Carrier Accessories – Will You Need Any?


Now that you’ve heard me rave about the Ergobaby Original baby carrier (AKA the “older Ergobaby carrier”), it’s only fair we talk about the Ergobaby carrier accessories as well.

There are a few available, and whether you get none, some, or all to use with your Ergobaby carrier is entirely up to you.

Ergobaby sells TEETHING PADS, INFANT INSERTS, and WEATHER COVERS for use with the baby carrier.

Yay or nay?

Are any of these Ergobaby accessories worth it?

Or should you skip them?

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As per manufacturer’s recommendations, you shouldn’t use Ergobaby carriers with babies weighing less than 7 lbs. (3.2 kg). 

Babies that are 0-4 months old that weigh between 7-12 lbs. (3.2 – 5.5 kg) can be worn in the FRONT CARRY position but REQUIRE the use of the infant insert. This also applies for babies younger than 4 months that weigh more than 12 lbs., or older babies without consistent head and neck control.

Very young infants tend to be too little to be safely worn in a baby carrier. The infant insert is designed to keep babies both comfortable and safe by raising them up a bit while providing adequate head and neck support.

The Ergobaby infant insert is machine washable and can be found in both conventional and organic version.

I didn’t buy the Ergobaby infant insert the first time around because I started babywearing my first child way past the infant stage. I debated whether I should get one for my second child though so I could wear her safely from very early on.

In the end, I decided to hold off on this Ergobaby accessory. Given how quickly my babies tend to pack their pounds on in the early stages, I didn’t think the Ergobaby infant insert would get much use.

And so I waited. And waited, and waited.

Until one spring day it was really nice out and I wanted to go for a quick walk and wear my baby but couldn’t. She was technically too little for Ergobaby though very close to the weight limit, about 11 lbs.

So I put the Ergobaby carrier on, walked over to the linen closet, grabbed a medium-sized towel, rolled it up, put it in the baby carrier, placed my baby on top of the rolled up towel, and off we went. It was a beautiful slow spring walk.

It worked perfectly, but my baby was also very close to the weight limit.

You can technically get away with not buying the Ergobaby infant insert and use this method IF YOUR CHILD IS NEARING THE 12-LBS. THRESHOLD, but if you’re planning on frequent babywearing from the get-go, you should definitely consider getting the infant insert.

ergobaby-accessoriesERGOBABY TEETHING PADS

The Ergobaby teething pads are meant to be snapped around the carrier’s shoulder straps.

This Ergobaby accessory was designed for teething and drooling babies to give them something safe to chew on while protecting the carrier’s shoulder straps. It turns out, babies LOVE to chew on Ergobaby straps!

Ergobaby teething pads are machine washable, and you can choose between conventional or organic fabric.

Also, a teething pad/bib combo is now sold by Ergobaby as well.

If you were going to buy a single Ergobaby carrier accessory for your baby, THIS is what you want!

I ordered the Ergobaby organic teething pads together with the Ergobaby carrier all these years ago, and boy was I glad I did!

The Ergobaby teething pads are not expensive but would be worth every penny even if they were.


First of all, these are high quality teething pads. They’re quite thick and sturdy.

They’re machine washable and don’t stain easily despite the light color. They are soft and will get even softer with each wash. But, most importantly, they WORK which means your baby will be happy and so will you because you’re now extending the life of your Ergobaby carrier.

The closing snaps on the Ergobaby teething pads are just perfect. They aren’t too easy to open and are hidden underneath the straps, preventing the baby from reaching them.

Even though you’re supposed to use the Ergobaby teething pads with teething babies, I kept using them WAY past the teething stage for extra cushioning for my kids. (I’m pretty sure they’re still on.)


There are two types of weather covers made by Ergobaby: WINTER WEATHER COVER and RAIN COVER.

Both types of covers have a water resistant shell, and the WINTER WEATHER COVER has an additional layer of fleece to keep baby warm.

I think this Ergobaby accessory is a great concept, but I didn’t get either of the covers.

There HAVE been a few times when I needed to protect my baby from the elements of harsh weather when these weather covers would have been useful.

As my kids grew though and their legs were sticking out from the carrier more and more, I don’t see how the Ergobaby winter or rain cover would have helped.

What I did instead of buying the Ergobaby winter / rain cover is using what I had at the moment.

Occasionally that meant wearing any of my husband’s jackets I found within reach (yeah, I’m the mom that lowered her standards, oh well) which fit the entire baby carrier / baby combo. I just left the zipper unzipped at the top and we were good to go. This will obviously only work for the FRONT CARRY position.

What has also worked really well in terms of leg cover – especially as my kids grew – is tying either my jacket or a sweatshirt or even a large blanket around the child’s legs. You can do this for either FRONT, BACK, or even HIP CARRY positions.

Ergobaby carrier - This is what we do when it gets cold. I tie a sweatshirt and/or a jacket (or a large blanket) around my child's legs - I'm using both in this picture. Problem solved!

Ergobaby carrier – This is what we do when it gets cold. I tie a sweatshirt and/or a jacket (or a large blanket) around my child’s legs – I’m using both in this picture. Problem solved!

Which Ergobaby accessories will YOU buy?

Oh and not to forget – have fun wearing your baby! It’s the best thing ever…


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