• A stressed out mom sitting on the edge of the bed, kids jumping on the bed behind her. Text overlay - 9 Major homeschool disadvantages.

    9 Reasons You Shouldn’t Homeschool Your Kids

    Homeschooling has its ups and downs. There is no need to tiptoe around the truth; we can be honest here, right? Now that several (looong) years have gone by since we started to homeschool, it’s time to get real. I hate homeschooling. I know. I’m as dumbstruck as you are. Or maybe it’s not that I…

  • Child laying on the floor, writing in a notebook. Text overlay - 15 Totally awesome benefits of homeschooling.

    15 Unique Benefits of Homeschooling (Non-Religious)

    Let’s talk about the benefits of homeschooling – from a secular perspective! We are secular homeschoolers. Our kids are not being introduced to any religious doctrine at home, and our desire to homeschool is not driven by faith (here is why we started in the first place). Secular homeschoolers remain in the minority (so do secular…

  • Holding a black swallowtail butterfly. Text overlay - Raise butterflies at home - 3 easy ways.

    Science for Kids: Raising Butterflies

    Raising butterflies at home is a unique and rewarding project for both kids and adults alike. It’s also a fun homeschool science project – there is no better way for kids to understand the butterfly life cycle than by seeing it happen firsthand. In addition, butterflies are disappearing at an alarming rate, likely due to the…

  • A child sitting at the table with a bunch of colorful notebooks. Text overlay - Answering the most popular homeschool questions.

    Top 11 Homeschool Questions Strangers Ask (Answered)

    As a homeschool parent, you eventually get used to being interrogated by family, friends, and of course by complete strangers. Even though home education is becoming much more common these days, there will be moments where you’re tossed, turned, and judged unless you live in complete solitude. (Of which you’ll be accused anyway.) Your homeschooled kids…

  • Kids holding hands upright, facing away. Text overlay - Homeschool socialization - the myths vs. the reality.

    Homeschool vs. Public School Socialization

    If only I had a dollar for every time somebody had asked me, “But what about socialization?!?” Strangely, no one ever seems to worry about the quality of education my kids are (or aren’t) getting at home, but homeschool socialization is brought up A LOT. I’m almost beginning to think that people don’t send their kids…

  • Mom and daughter over a book. Text overlay - The truth about why we decided to homeschool.

    Why We Decided to Homeschool Our Kids

    A homeschool mom? Me??? Pfft! Kids go to school and school is a necessary tool for learning. Homeschoolers have at least a dozen kids anyway, that’s more than I could ever handle. To show my commitment to institutionalized schooling, the first house we bought was at the back of an elementary school. Our firstborn was almost…