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Best Non-Toxic Pull-Up Diapers for Potty Training (2021)

When you’re ready to transition your toddler from diapers to pull-ups, you’ll want decent absorbency, comfortable fit, and gentle ingredients that won’t cause skin irritation or other health issues. Like diapers, disposable training pants are not all made the same, but if you’re hoping to stay away from some of the most problematic chemicals, there are a few solid choices on the market to consider. This article highlights some of best non-toxic pull-up diapers available today – but read carefully!

I have selected the best pull-up brands based on the avoidance of certain chemicals (see below), but performance reviews are just as important when deciding which pull-up brand is the best fit for your family, so each brand featured also includes an evaluation of its performance based on the feedback received from the customer base.

No separation is made for natural pull-up diapers made with eco-friendly, plant-based, and sustainable materials and pull-ups made with largely petroleum-based components, meaning there is only 1 list for both groups, but you will find a breakdown of the main components in the product description, so you can easily find your best pick if you are seeking an environmentally friendly pull-up diaper (there are a few on this list).

All pull-up diapers featured are FREE OF:

  • dyes
  • chlorine
  • fragrance
  • lotion

That’s the same basic criteria I use for my best non-toxic diapers guide. Many of the pull-up brands listed are third-party tested and exceed these standards, however, as listed in each individual description.

I want to highlight that all pull-ups on this list are made with TCF fluff pulp (totally chlorine-free wood pulp) – unlike many other pull-ups advertised as “chlorine free” that are, in fact, made with ECF (elemental chlorine-free) fluff pulp and may contain traces of dioxins. You can read about common problematic ingredients in disposable diapers here if you haven’t gone over that information yet or need a refresher (a pull-up is essentially an identical product when it comes to the core components – though structured differently in the waist, so that information relates to both disposable diapers and training pants).

In this guide you will also find a cost evaluation. A general cost comparison at the top of each description reflects all offerings on the market, including pull-up diapers that don’t qualify for this list. Also included is a price comparison per unit based on a toddler that weighs 30-pounds which is the average weight for a 2.5-3-year-old child (boys vs. girls) according to BabyCenter.

Pull-ups vs. diapers

Unlike diapers that fasten on the sides, pull-ups have an all-around elastic waistband (similar to underwear) which enables them to be pulled up and down as needed while your toddler gets the hang of using the potty.

Otherwise, the two are made in a very similar fashion and with the same key components, although it should be noted that the absorbency of pull-up training pants is generally not as forgiving as is the case with disposable diapers. Pull-up diapers just aren’t made to hold as much waste at once as diapers are, so they should be checked often and changed promptly after an accident.

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Best Non-Toxic Pull-Up Diapers 2021

***Listed in alphabetical order.***

Terms used in this article:

Top sheet –
the inside lining of the diaper
Back sheet – the diaper’s outer layer
TCF – totally chlorine-free
ECF – elemental chlorine-free

(If you’re not familiar with these terms, you’ll find this article helpful.)

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Buy on Amazon, Andy Pandy

Wetness indicator: Yes

Cost: $-$$-$$$

Free of: dyes, chlorine, fragrance, lotion, phthalates, latex, PVC, TBT, corn, wheat, starch

Made in: China

Andy Pandy training pants are among the plant-based natural pull-ups on this list. They are made with 100% bamboo fibers in both the top and back sheet which makes these pull-ups incredibly soft inside and out. The leak-proof barrier is made of polyethylene, and the absorbent core contains SAP and TCF fluff pulp. Andy Pandy guarantees that they source bamboo grown without pesticides. (Most bamboo is grown without the use of pesticides, but there are exceptions, so it’s nice to have that assurance.)

The training pants are plain white and free of designs, and they have a wetness indicator to help your toddler distinguish between wet and dry pants.

Andy Pandy training pants are gentle enough even for the most sensitive skin. The reviews are very positive, too – the pants are soft and absorbent and don’t cause irritation. Overall, Andy Pandy training pants are among the best non-toxic pull-up diapers on this lists based on the ingredients used as well as performance reviews.

Available in sizes:

  • 2T (L) – 20-31 lbs (9-14 kg)
  • 3T (XL) – 29-37 lbs (13-17 kg)
  • 4T (XXL) – 33+ lbs (15+ kg)

The average price per unit for a 30-pound toddler is $0.6 for a one-time purchase. You can subscribe on the brand’s website and save 5%, and Amazon offers a subscription program as well.


Buy on Amazon

Wetness indicator: Yes

Cost: $-$$-$$$

Free of: dyes, chlorine, fragrance, lotion, phthalates, all known allergens

Made in: Europe (Greece)

Bambo Nature makes three versions of pull-up diapers, out of which only one type is made with TCF fluff pulp in the absorbent core (in addition to SAP) – the Dream collection. If you were to get the other versions (Classic, Dreamy Night Pants), the materials might be similar but the core would contain ECF fluff pulp. Just something to keep in mind. As for the top and back sheets, the top sheet is made from petroleum-based polypropylene, and the back sheet contains petroleum-based materials as well – polypropylene with a polyethylene leak-proof film.

Bambo Nature Dream training pants have a simple white look with a small logo printed on the front panel and a wetness indicator.

Parents like that Bambo Nature Dream pull-up diapers are soft. While they work for some, others say that they are not snug enough to prevent leaks. Yet, they seem to run on the small side, so you might want to size up if you were to try them or if your toddler is in between sizes. In comparison, the Dream and Classic versions have a different fit, so if you had previously used the Classic version before, the Dream training pants might just not fit the same.

Available in sizes:

  • 4 – 15-31 lbs (7-14 kg)
  • 5 – 27-40 lbs (12-18 kg)
  • 6 – 40+ lbs (18+ kg)

Bambo Nature Dream training pants are comparable in price per unit with some of the most natural pull-ups on this list, so that alone might be a deciding factor for some parents. The average price per unit for a 30-pound toddler is $0.6. (With a subscription you save about 10%.)


Buy from Eco Pea Co.

Wetness indicator: Yes

Cost: $-$$-$$$

Free of: dyes, chlorine, fragrance, lotion, PVC, TBT, VOCs, lead, phthalates, latex

Made in: China

Eco Pea Co. is another company that makes premium disposable training pants that are largely plant-based. Eco Pea pull-up diapers are made from 100% bamboo fibers (sustainably harvested) in both the top and back sheet which guarantees unbeatable softness. The core is based on TCF fluff pulp in addition to SAP, and the leak-proof barrier consists of polyethylene.

Eco Pea training pants have a clean white design with the company logo and size label featured on the front panel, printed with non-toxic water-based ink. In addition, the packaging is biodegradable, and the shipping process is carbon neutral. Eco Pea pull-ups are made with sensitive skin in mind, and as an added perk they feature a blowout guard for better containment.

Reviews of Eco Pea training pants are excellent – parents love how soft, absorbent, and non-irritating they are. This is another brand that makes some of the best non-toxic pull-up diapers for potty training kiddos when it comes to material composition and performance reviews, and yet another brand to consider if you’re looking for natural pull-ups.

Available in sizes:

  • 3 – 21-31 lbs (10-14 kg)
  • 4 – 28-44 lbs (13-20 kg)

Eco Pea Co. training pants are available exclusively through the brand’s website. The average price per unit for a 30-pound toddler is around $0.8, but you do have the option of a subscription which saves you 20% and brings the price per unit down to $0.67 which is on par with other brands on this list, some of which are largely petroleum-based and with mixed reviews.


Buy on: Healthynest

Wetness indicator: No

Cost: $-$$-$$$

Free of: dyes, chlorine, fragrance, lotion, latex, VOCs, phthalates, heavy metals, pesticides

Made in: Europe (Czech Republic)

Healthynest training pants are made with both plant- and petroleum-based materials. The top sheet contains a blend of plant-based polyethylene and petroleum-based polypropylene, the back sheet is a blend of polyethylene, polyester, and a small percentage of cotton (GMO status not disclosed), with plant-based polyethylene in the leak-proof barrier. The absorbent core contains SAP and TCF FSC-certified fluff pulp.

Healthynest pull-up diapers are plain white with the company logo on the back of the pants. They are third-party tested for toxins such as VOCs, dioxins, and pesticides. In addition, they have Oeko-Tex Standard 100 and Nordic Swan certifications. (The first certification screens for hundreds of harmful chemical compounds including heavy metals, formaldehyde and azo dyes, the second relates to manufacturing standards. Links for both at the end of the article.)

There is one unique feature Healthynest pull-up diapers have – a small plastic tab on the back of the pants that’s used to seal a soiled pull-up for easy disposal. Normally with diapers you would use the closing side tabs to keep the diaper rolled up and contained after it’s removed, but since pull-up diapers typically don’t have resealable sides, this is a nice practical feature to have that can help keep the mess down.

Currently, Healthynest is the only EWG-verified company on the U.S. market among disposable diapers and training pants. That alone is not an indicator that Healthynest makes cleaner diapers and training pants than other companies in this market sector – this is a fee-based service that the EWG organization offers, also, the EWG standards used in evaluating these particular products are not, to my knowledge, publicly available. I do however appreciate how transparent Healthynest is about all the components and ingredients used in their diapers and training pants. That is refreshing to see, and I hope more brands will follow in their footsteps.

Overall, though not mostly plant-based like some of the other options on this list, Healthynest training pants earn a spot on this list of the best non-toxic pull-up diapers because they are free of the most problematic chemicals and irritants (and more). The company is fairly new and the products are only available on the brand’s website, so reviews are not easy to come by. So far they seem promising, though. I will add more information regarding their performance as more reviews come through.

Available in sizes:

  • 3 – 12-18 lbs (5-8 kg)
  • 4 – 16-28 lbs (7-13 kg)
  • 5 – 22-37 lbs (10-17 kg)
  • 6 – 37+ lbs (17+ kg)

At the time of writing this article, a single pair of Healthynest training pants for a 30-pound toddler is $0.90 in the trial pack (one week supply) which is the highest price on this list. But if they work for your toddler, you do have the option to buy a bundle (4 packs, 1 month supply) which brings the price down to about $0.8 per a single pair, or you can subscribe for monthly deliveries which comes to around $0.75 per pair in the same size.


Buy on: Hello Bello, Walmart

Wetness indicator: No

Cost: $-$$-$$$

Free of: dyes, chlorine, fragrance, lotion, phthalates, latex, TBT

Made in: Canada

Hello Bello pull-up diapers are made with petroleum-based polypropylene and polyethylene in the top and back sheets, and sustainably sourced (no certification) TCF fluff pulp in the absorbent core. The only plant-based component besides the fluff pulp in the absorbent core is the core liner found underneath the acquisition layer which is made from bioplastic. (This component does not come in contact with your child’s skin.)

Hello Bello training pants come in a few different prints. Like Healthynest pull-ups, they have a sticky tab on the back, intended to keep the pants rolled up and compact after removal. If one of your must-haves is a wetness indicator, Hello Bello pull-up diapers don’t have one.

Aside from mostly positive freebie reviews (which I don’t rely on when analyzing performance), what often comes up is that Hello Bello training pants are not very durable. Absorbency is split down the middle – works for some but not for others. Many reviewers also report that the disposal tape isn’t very functional, and aside from that it tends to stick to clothing. On the plus side, Hello Bello pull-ups are soft with just enough stretch. The pants tend to run small, so if you want to give them a try, you might want to size up.

Available in sizes:

  • 12-24 months (S) – 16-28 lbs (7-13 kg)
  • 2T/3T (M) – 18-34 lbs (8-15 kg)
  • 3T/4T (L) – 32-40 lbs (15-18 kg)
  • 4T/5T (XL) – 38+ lbs (17+ kg)

The price of Hello Bello training pants for a 30-pound toddler is approx. $0.4 per unit if you buy a single pack (I went up a size since 30 pounds is close to being in between sizes and the pants run small). This makes Hello Bello pull-up diapers one of the cheapest options on this list. If you order the bundle which is 6 packs of training pants, you will pay approx. $0.5 per each pair – every Hello Bello bundle automatically comes with 4 packs of baby wipes which is reflected in the bundle price. (Just for the record, Hello Bello baby wipes have not made it onto my list of the best non-toxic baby wipes.)

Based on the avoidance of the most problematic chemical compounds, Hello Bello qualifies for a placement on this list of the best non-toxic pull-up diapers, but the reviews just aren’t the best. If you have eco-friendliness and sustainability in mind, these pull-ups aren’t for you since they are made with mostly petroleum-based ingredients.


Buy on Amazon, Honest, Retail stores

Wetness indicator: No

Cost: $-$$-$$$

Free of: dyes, chlorine, fragrance, lotion, latex

Made in: Mexico

Both the back sheet and top sheet of Honest training pants together with the leak-proof barrier are made with petroleum-based materials – polypropylene and polyethylene. The absorbent core contains a blend of petroleum-based and bio-based SAP, together with sustainably sourced TCF fluff pulp (no certification for sustainability).

Honest pull-up diapers are offered in several different prints. They do not have a wetness indicator.

The reviews are somewhat disappointing. It seems that leaks are fairly common with Honest pull-up diapers. They seem to have an odd fit – the pants run small and tight across the bottom even when sizing up (they are just too narrow) yet they are too loose in the sides which causes them to slide around too much. They’re also not as soft and stretchy when compared with other pull-ups on the market, based on the general feedback. There is also some confusion about the front and back sides of the pants.

Available in sizes:

  • 2T/3T – up to 34 lbs (up to 15 kg)
  • 3T/4T – 32-40 lbs (15-18 kg)
  • 4T/5T- 38+ lbs (17+ kg)

The price of Honest training pants is currently around $0.5 in a single pack for a 30-pound toddler (I went up a size since these are said to be very narrow in the bottom area and that weight is nearing the end of its range in its true size), and about $0.6 per each pair when bought as a bundle (5 packs of training pants + 3 packs of baby wipes; no option to purchase a bundle without the wipes).


Buy on: Amazon, Retail stores

Wetness indicator: No

Cost: $-$$-$$$

Free of: dyes, chlorine, fragrance, lotion

Made in: USA

Seventh Generation Free & Clear training pants are made with petroleum-based materials all around, mostly with polypropylene. In addition to SAP, the absorbent core contains TCF fluff pulp.

The training pants have designs printed on them (water-based ink is used). They do not have a wetness indicator in case that is a must-have feature for you.

What Seventh Generation training pants have going for them is that they tend to be widely available at U.S. retailers. However, they don’t seem to make the cut for the best pull-up diapers on this list. The absorbency isn’t great, and dissatisfaction is often expressed over the pants being rough and scratchy. Also noted is that the pants are made too tight, to the point of causing irritation.

Available in sizes:

  • 2T/3T (M) – up to 34 lbs (15 kg)
  • 3T/4T (L) – 32-40 lbs (15-18 kg)
  • 4T/5T (XL) – 38+ lbs (17+ kg)

Seventh Generation training pants cost about $0.5-0.6 per pair for a 30-pound toddler depending on which size you’d go with – 30 pounds is kind of right in between the sizes Medium and Large, but since they run small I’d say the larger size would be a better fit.

Best non-toxic pull-up diapers overview:

Andy Pandy$$$☘ ☘ ☘★★★Buy
Bambo Nature Dream$$$X★★☆Buy
Eco Pea Co.$$$☘ ☘ ☘★★★Buy
Healthynest$$$☘ ☘ TBABuy
Hello Bello$$★★☆Buy
Seventh Generation$$X★☆☆Buy
*In addition to the fluff pulp
Rating: best = ★★★

Before you go…

Many companies are still experiencing covid-related disruption in their supply chains, so some sizes (or entire lines) may not always be available.

Product description is sourced directly from individual manufacturers. If you see any errors in the description, please do let me know. (TY!) Performance reviews are analyzed from as many sources as possible and without bias. None of the featured brands have financially or otherwise reimbursed me in exchange for a promotion.

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Helpful links regarding training pants certifications:

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